I want to take a moment and Thank You for continuing to support our people and our music. I just received news from Billboard that the new CD “Sin Límites” has Charted number #15 on Billboard’s Top Latin Pop Albums chart! I know this might not sound like much to some artists and individuals but It is an incredible accomplishment for my team and family. This is our first time making the Billboard charts. We are not on a major record label, not in Walmart, not in Target or Best Buy nor do I have hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote. This is all based off word of mouth by you! Thank you for listening to my music, playing it, buying it, dancing to it, and sharing it with your friends and family. You are the reason for our success. Thank you so much! Feeling incredibly blessed!–AJ Castillo

You can find “Sin Límites” in the July 26, 2014 edition (Volume 126 Issue 23) of Billboard Magazine on page 87 under the “Latin Pop Albums” at #15.
AJC on Billboard

AJ Castillo: Sin Límites

(Format: Audio CD – Product ID# 823043469524)
Release Date: 07/08/2014
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AJ Castillo Sin Límites


    1. Niña (Trón In My System)
    2. Cristina
    3. Dame Tu Amor (f/David Farias)
    4. Bésame
    5. Ha Terminado
    6. Desde Que Te Bese (f/Sergio Castillo)
    7. Yo No Sé
    8. Será Difícil (f/Sergio Castillo)
    9. Cual Sufrir
    10. Esta Noche (f/Chingo Bling)